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STONERHENGE - Gemini Twins


Release date: 28th May 2024



ltd. edt. 100 copies, 4-sided digisleeve, hand numbered

1. Overture (4:32)

2. The Story Of Captain Glosster (10:49)

3. Time Loop (7:24)

4. Hypersleep (1:55)

5. Starship Troopers (8:02)

6. Solstice (3:06)

7. Over The Mountains (5:28)

8. Fugit Irreparabile Tempus (5:36)

er here  Germany

The material for «Gemini Twins» was created in the summer of 2022 and finished in 2023.

"I am interested in the themes of Man, his place in the Universe. From primitive times to the era of space

exploration, people continue to ask themselves eternal questions: Who am I? Where am I from? Where am I

going? The character of 'The Story Of Captain Glosster' is a slightly modified version of Homer’s Odysseus. This

is the image of the End of the Wanderings. But Odysseus, after long wanderings, returned to his beloved woman.

On the contrary, Captain Glosster found his love as a result of his trips. Found her in Other Worlds. I don’t use

science fiction images because that’s how it’s supposed to be according to the laws of the genre. It would be too

primitive and not interesting.

The composition 'Time Loop' is not a reference to some kind of science fiction. In my composition, the image of

the Time Loop is an image of human life. Life is rhythmic, irreversible. Under any given circumstances, we do not

have the ability to press «Ctrl+Z». We can only move forward.

'Solstice' is inspired by the feeling of a calm, soft summer day. When all thoughts are stable, there is no anxiety

and the world around you looks amazing through the haze of sun rays and summer smells. I tried to convey this

state in my track. 'Over the Mountains' could, of course, be an image from science fiction. But not necessarily.

This is the feeling of flflying over the mountains. Perhaps on another planet. Or maybe not. This is a feeling of

triumph from conquering air. 'Fugit Irreparabile Tempus' is my musical reflections on our world and the place of

Man in this world.”

For fans of bands like Monkey 3, Natraxas, My Sleeping Karma, The Re-Stoned….

The players on this album:

Serge «Skrypa» Skrypničenka - guitars, bass, synthesizers & operations with EZ Drummer (advanced drum soft)

- - -

Music, Artwork & layout by Serge «Skrypa» Skrypničenka



Release date: 7th June 2024



ltd. edt. 250 copies

each CD is in a gatefold digisleeve, in a Box.

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Øresund Space Collective (ØSC), formed in 2004, is a totally improvising Scandinavian space rock band and has
been releasing albums since 2006. The band has played concerts & festivals all over Europe. Their music is quite
diverse and influenced by the ever-changing line up in the collective.
The Band has played concerts & festivals all over Europe. Their music is quite diverse and influenced by
the ever-changing line up in the collective.

Picks from Space was a CD-R series produced by Dr Space between 2005-2007.

There were 12 CDs in the series. Each disc was a mixture of usually one or two rehearsal room jams with the

exception of Disc 11, which was unreleased studio material (most but not all of which has appeared now). It is

estimated about 50 complete sets were burned and exist. A few volumes exist in more copies as they were more

popular and there was a period where you could buy them separately.

During the covid period, Dr Space found most of the original recordings and was able to greatly improve the

sound on most of the recordings. This is what you hear on this limited edition set starting with some tracks from

the very first Jam session in April 2004 to one of the last regular jams in 2007. There are some of the best jams

the band ever had in this very inspired series of music exploring the early origins of the band.



Release date: 28th May 2024



ltd. edt. 300 copies total

- 148x black

- 149x white

180g - gatefold - insert - hand numbered - download code

Side A:

1. Spaced And Confused  (5:57)

2. Beyond The Cosmic Wall  (8:07)

3. Void Oscillations  (6:46)

Side B:

4. Indigo Blue  (8:07)

5. Matkalainen  (8:26​)

6. Nymphaea Tetragona (Forever Floating)  (5:56)

order here  Germany / black vinyl . . . white vinyl

DSD was founded in the beginning of the Earth year 2011 in Oulu, Finland, on band members’ mutual love for 60’s and

70’s kraut, prog and psychedelic rock. This is the 6th full length album (4th on Space Rock Productions) by the Finnish

Space Rock masters from the north!

It features 6 high energy space rockers, originally released digitally in April 2023 but now it appears on Vinyl. It features

several special guests including Dr Space from Øresund Space Collective.

The album opens with the high energy track ‘Spaced and Confused’, with the classic DSD sound and vibe. ‘Beyond the

Cosmic Wall’ has a bit of a Kingston Wall vibe and quite a psychedelic mix.

‘Void Oscillations’ is a very spacey and floating number. ‘Indigo Blue’ starts side B with a more mellow vibe for the first 3

mins and then rocks into a cool spaced out jam. ‘Matkalainen’ is sung in Finnish and features some nice flute playing on

this great track. The album ends with ‘Nymphaea Tetragona (Forever Floating)’ a more relaxed track, but the end has

this sort of heavy bluesy stoner vibe.

Cool way to end the album. Another classic space rock record!

- - -

The Band on this album:

Jani Pitkänen - vocals, bass, drums, percussions

Petri Lassila - guitar, backing vocals, percussions, electric organ

Markus Pitkänen - spoken word

. . .

Cosmic Friends:

Dr Space - analog synthesizers on 'Spaced And Confused'

Matti Salo - saxophone on 'Beyond The Cosmic Wall'

Joonatan Elokuu Aaltonen - synthesizer, mellotron, piano on 'Void Oscillations'

Mikko Vuorela - flute on 'Matkalainen'

- - -

All songs written & arranged by Deep Space Destructors

Mastered by EROC

Artwork by Markus Räisänen