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SONIC TRIP PROJECT - Atomium Sunflower


Release date: 9th December 2019


ltd. edt. 418 copies

98x black - 320x blue (side A/B) & mint (side C/D)

- 180g - gatefold cover - hand numbered

Side A:

1. Open

2. Elevator Seven

3. Scarab Nebula

Side B:

4. Atomium Sunflower

5. Hybrid

Side C:

6. Cairo Neon Pt. 1 (live Würzburg 2018)

Side D:

7. Cairo Neon Pt 2 (live Würzburg 2018)

8. Andromeda (bonus track)

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Sonic Trip Project is a UK space rock band, lead by guitarist Vince Cory (STP, Red Elektra 69, Nik Turner’s new Space

Ritual, Vostok, and many others). He is joined by Lee Carr (Bass), Barry Mart (Synths), Darren Butler (Drums),

Daneel Olivaw (Electronics).

Sonic Trip Project have several releases on Bandcamp and released a few CD-Rs but this is the first ever vinyl release.

It features some long and short spacey tracks mixed with more uptempo Space Rock as well as including a very long jam

from a concert at Café Cairo in Würzburg (Germany) featuring Horst / Sunhair on synths and Vince’s brother on guitar.

Originally mixed & produced by Vince Cory / Lee Carr

Remastered for vinyl by Scott Heller

Cover design by Lee Carr. Cover model Katherine Wells.

Photography by Lean Luc Moutier, Peter Stanley, Keith Eglon, Bryan Spink, Demi Denison




Release date: 7th September 2019


ltd. edt. 400 copies

100x black - 300x orange (side A/B) & violet (side C/D)

- 180g - gatefold cover - hand numbered - download code

Side A:

1. I Teleported To Acapulco  (10:10)

2. Mothership Machinery PT1  (12:04)

Side B:

3. Mothership Machinery PT2  (13:50)

4. Fondle The Frequency  (7:28)

Side C:

5. Slip Into The Vortex  (18:01)

Side D:

6. Sonic Snake  (11:59)

7. Lord Of Slumber  (6:22)

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or in Portugal

here you can get only the LP GATEFOLD-COVER ... as long as we have some left

This was the 6th CD (released on Transubstans in 2010) by the Øresund Space Collective. Now it comes out finally on vinyl

on Space Rock Productions.

It is a wordless drama where friends meet up to have fun and tell a story with music. It is a beautiful ritual without

safety-lines where musicians paint on an empty canvas with brushes of sound.

“Thumbs up - to the control room, hit the record button and off we go! Where will we go? No one knows, but you are

welcome to come along for the ride.”

This artistic expression was captured at the massive Black Tornado Studios in October 2008 and featured new members

on drums, bass, and saxophone that had never been in the studio with the band before. Stefan from the Danish band

Gas Giant and now Alkymist was joining to play guitar. Stefan was teamed up with Magnus on guitar from Mantric Muse.

Kaufmann from the Swedish band Bland Bladen, was playing drums and he had played on many early ØSC jam sessions

but never in the studio. On bass were Jocke and Pär from the Carpet Knights. Jocke has played on most of the studio

records but Pär brought in some new blood, which helped to push some of the jams in a cool direction.

Finally, Anders H. from the Danish band The Univerzals joined on saxophone. Mogens and Dr Space created all the

keyboard and space sounds, and have played on all the bands releases but as with every session, had some new

synthesizers and sounds to add to the mix!

The music is of a more progressive and laid back nature but the journeys and interactions between the musicians are

amazing and create a fantastic aural experience where one can get lost and return to find new things with ever listen.

This is one of the last of the bands early releases that has not been previously released on vinyl.

Mastered for vinyl by Dr Space from the original mixes by Tobias (Carpet Knights).

Artwork by Desi Decleen and layout by David Graham.


DR SPACE'S ALIEN PLANET TRIP - Vol 3, Featuring Martin Weaver


Release date: 4th May 2019


ltd. edt. 318 copies

102x black - 216x sky blue

- 180g - hand numbered

Side A:

1. Lost In The Desert  (8:02)

2. Veganporcotopia  (9:40)

3. Where Aliens Go To Die  (3:47)

Side B:

4. Cosmic Explosions  (4:32)

5. Spacey Placey  (6:51)

6. Sue’s Dream Of Exploding Sheep  (5:36)

7. Encart Stnap (edit)  (5:38)

order in  Hamburg-Germany  or  Portugal

The 3rd volume of Dr Space's Alien Planet Trip is a collaboration with guitar player Martin Weaver (Wicked Lady, Dark)

and Dr Space (Øresund Space Collective, Black Moon Circle).

They met a year ago and found they had a in common musically and should work together.

These tracks were conceived during the summer of 2018, when it was too hot to do anything outside. 

Dr Space: “It had been many years since I used my Nord Lead 2 so it was time to take it out and see what sounds it could

produce. Many of the tracks the main synth lines were created on the Nord Lead and then additional layers were added

and Martin then laid down some guitars.

This album is dedicated to my lovely, patient and understanding wife, Sue.”

Enjoy this 3rd Trip. It is very different from Vol 1 and 2.

recorded and mixed 2018 in Portugal

Artwork by Dave Graham

Photo by Kate Weaver


Dr Space

- Nord Lead 2 virtual analog synthesizer, Korg Monotron, Custom Modular Synthesizer, OSCar. Programmed drums were

  made in Logic

Martin Weaver

- Acoustic guitar, electric guitars, drum programming in Native Instruments on 'Lost in the Desert'


ØSC MEETS BMC - Freak Out In The Fjord


Release date: 7th May (CD) & 21st June (vinyl) 2019


ltd. edt. 474 copies

184x black - 290x col. (light green transparent side A/B &

light blue side C/D & turquoise side E/F)

- 140g - 6-sided cover - hand numbered

release date: 21st June 2019

Side A:

1. Rendezvous In The Nebula  (23:39)

Side B:

2. Afterglow In The Sea Of Sirens  (23:55)

Side C:

3. Dinner With Gregg A And Jerry G  (17:24)

Side D:

4. Dinner With Gregg A And Jerry G  (17:31)

Side E:

5. Freak Out In The Fjord  (17:16)

Side F:

6. Freak Out In The Fjord  (19:11)

order in Hamburg-Germany  or  Portugal


- ltd. edt. 500 copies - 6-sided digisleeve

release date: 7th May 2019

1. Rendezvous In The Nebula  (23:55)

2. Afterglow In The Sea Of Sirens  (16:18)

3. Dinner With Gregg A And Jerry G  (33:15)

5. Freak Out In The Fjord  (36:02)

order in  Hamburg-Germany  or  Portugal

In November 2017, Øresund Space Collective and Black Moon Circle played a show in Trondheim / Norway, called ‘Freak

Out In The Fjord’, which also featured the local band Red Mountains.

The next day they were booked into the excellent Øra Studio, one of the best in Trondheim, for a jam session. It took a few

hours to set up all the gear (2 guitar set ups, 2 bass set ups, 3 drums kits (yes, 3!), modular synth, Fender Rhodes and

Oberheim synth and ØSC & BMC were ready to go.

Four jams were recorded ranging from Miles Davis inspired (Afterglow In The Sea ...) to Grateful Dead (Dinner With ...)

to heavy space rock (Freak Out In The Fjord). It is a hell of a 2hr musical journey!

Artwork by Ed Unitsky

Studio photo by Sabine Pottien


Magnus - fender rhodes, synthesizer

Tim - drums (right), fender rhodes (side B)

Simon - drums (left)

Hasse - bass (slight left)

Øyvin - bass (slight right)

Vemund - guitar (right)

Jonathan - violin, guitar (left)

Dr Space - modular synth, kaoscillator, korg monotron

Peran - drums (side B right, side C/D center)


ORGANIK - Organik


Release date: 23rd March 2019

LP - Organik - SRP058


ltd. edt. 310 copies

(140x black - 170x pink)

180g - hand numbered - download code

Side A:

1. Black Desert  (11:13)

2. Soul Manure  (9:51)

Side B:

3. Liquid Embrace  (13:09)

4. Caged  (7:56) (feat. MC Einar)

order in Hamburg-Germany

Organik are a Danish trio featuring Per Brems-Therkelsen on guitars (also making a lot of synth like sounds with effects

pedals), Brian Bentzen on bass guitar and Stephan Green on drums/percussion. The spoken words on ‘Caged’ are

performed by a famous Danish rapper, MC Einar. On ‘Black Desert’ the didgeridoo is played by Michael Marienlund.

Valdemar Reinhold von Øhlenschlæger plays the keyboard on ‘Liquid Embrace’.

The band play mostly instrumental music with inspiration from stoner & psych and a bit of space rock at times. The

tracks are nice long journeys and fans of Monkey 3, My Sleeping Karma, Glowsun will probably dig this band.

The music can be hypnotic and really sucks you in after a few listens. Great band.

‘Organik’ is their debut album.

Cover design by Anne Sofie L. Bræmer / Cover art by Bjørn Rasmussen


ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE - Good Planets Are Hard To Find


Release date: 23rd March 2019


ltd. edt. 383 copies

(120x black - 159x blue - 104x yellow)

- 180g - gatefold cover - hand numbered

Planet A:

1. Good Planets Are Hard To Find (extended version)  (11:20)

2. Space Fountain  (8:51)

Planet B:

3. Orbital Elevator  (16:12)

4. My Beard Has A Heel  (5:58)

Side C:

5. PP746-3  (19:33)

Side D:

6. MTSST (extended version)  (23:11)

order in  Hamburg-Germany  or  Portugal

'Good Planets Are Hard To Find' was their 5th studio album originally released on CD in 2009 on Transubstans Records

and like all of their other studio albums, it was recorded at the Black Tornado Studios (Copenhagen Denmark).

This was the first album to not feature the core members of Mantric Muse and Bland Bladen. KG from the band

Siena Root brought in the sitar and a head full of cool ideas that helped to change the chemistry of the cosmic music

stew ØSC were about to prepare. Tobias (The Carpet Knights) played the killer space guitar once again. PIB and Luz

provided a great backline of drums and percussion, while Thomas (Gas Giant) and Jocke (The Carpet Knights) layed down

the bass grooves. Mogens and Dr Space did the synth thing creating their own spaces in the sound.
The album begins and ends with two fantastic sitar journeys out into another world. The middle is filled with 4 more

progressive, classic rock style space jams.




Release date: 23rd March 2019

3rd Ear Experience with Dr Space - Ear To Space, SRP057


ltd. edt. 512 copies

(202x black - 310x green side A/B & purple side C/D)

- 180g - gatefold cover - hand numbered

Side A:

1. Scream Of Eagle Bone  (14:50)

Side B:

2. Anam Cara  (20:20)

Side C:

3. Dreams Of The Caterpillar  (22:11)

Side D:

4. Coin In The Desert  (9:37)

5. Sue's Dream World  (6:04)

order in  Hamburg-Germany



ltd. edt. 500 copies - 4 sided didisleeve

1. Scream Of Eagle Bone  (14:50)

2. Anam Cara  (20:21)

3. Dreams Of The Caterpillar  (22:12)

4. Coin In The Desert  (9:37)

5. Sue's Dream World  (6:04)

order in  Hamburg-Germany

3rd Ear Experience are a California based psychedelic jam band that have been releasing records since 2012.

'Ear To Space' is their 4th release on Space Rock Productions.

This album was created out of series of jam sessions. The basic mix was sent to Dr Space, who then, jammed along as if

he was playing with the band, the files were sent to Robbi, who then mixed, added a few overdubs and the magic was

created. For tracks 4 & 5 the opposite happened and Dr Space created the basic tracks and 3rd ear jammed along.

So what does it sound like?? Space rock with a cool ethnic or electronic vibe at times.

Tracks 1 & 2 are more rocking while the tracks 3 - 5 are more ambient and spaced out trips.


JOY featuring DR SPACE - Live At Roadburn 2018


Release date: 28th January 2019

Joy feat. Dr Space - SRP055

2LP (3 sided !)

ltd. edt. 200 copies on black vinyl

- 140g - white unprinted cover - insert (30x30 cm) - hand


Side A:

1. Jam  (22:39)

Side B:

2. Jam Pt2  (23:09)

Side C:

3. Spaceship Earth  (11:18)

4. Miles Away  (11:29)

order in  Hamburg-Germany  or  Portugal

Roadburn 2018 was just an epic event and Joy was back for two shows as part of the San Diego Invasion.

JOY is a hard rocking blues psych rock trio, who has released two studio albums and a few tracks on compilations.

They also have a couple of live bootlegs on their bandcamp site. Walter had asked Dr Space if he wanted to jam with

them. For the gig, it was agreed they would play one long jam and then one or two extra songs if the audience wanted

it and they had time. The jam was awesome and Zach and Thomas changed instruments mid song and now Zach was

on drums and Thomas ripping it up on the guitar.

They ended the show with Spaceship Earth by ROAD and the JOY original, Miles Away. The band had played them both

two days before but not as jammed and spaced as this.

Enjoy this document, made in old school 70s bootleg style. Sure to be a rare record in the future!

(this record is an edited version of the entire show)