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Release date: CD 2nd December 2016 / Vinyl 9th December 2016

2LP - 180g - gatefold - hand numbered

ltd. edt. 537 copies total:

210x black - 206x yellow - 121x orange (A/B) & blue (C/D)

Side A:

1. Visions Of... Pt. 1  (22:26)

Side B:

2. Visions Of... Pt. 2  (19:17)

Side C:

3. Above The Corner  (16:17)

Side D:

4. Piece of Seven  (11:02)

5. Around the Corner  (8:35)

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CD - 4-sided digisleeve - ltd. edt. 500 copies

1. Visions Of... (41:43)

2. Above the Corner (16:17)

3. Piece of Seven (11:02)

4. Around the Corner (8:35)

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This is the 3rd album release from the very successful 2014 studio session.

The music presented in a 2LP gatefold or single CD and was recorded by a very special group of musicians from

Sweden and Norway (plus Dr Space-Denmark) at the Black Tornado Studio in Copenhagen.

The members are from a wide variety of bands including Tangle Edge, Agusa, Camper Van Beethoven, My brother the

Wind, Gösta Berlings Saga and Ex-Siena Root.

The opening track is a quite intense 42min journey called 'Visions Of'. 'Around the Corner', inspired by mid 72-75s

Miles Davis, is a fantastic funk-rock jam session. 'Piece of Seven' is a more experimental piece of music and is an

excerpt of what was called Jam 7. The final number, 'Above the Corner', was the 2nd and totally different part of the

funk jam. It features a fantastic guitar solo by Jonathan.


SISTA MAJ - Series Of Nested Universes


Release date: 2nd December 2016

2CD - 4-sided digisleeve - ltd. edt. 500 copies

CD 1:

1. Peony Spies  (6:39)

2. Secret Cave, Secret Rat  (10:30)

3. Which, in Turn, Falls  (13:59)

4. A Very Heavy Feather  (25:40)

​CD 2:

1. Series of Nested Universes  (10:52)

2. Like a Diamond in This Guy  (11:36)

3. It Never Ends  (17:19)

4. Bones of Steel  (16:13)

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“Sista Maj” is colloquial Swedish for “the last day of May”

Literally, it’s “final May,” which leaves the potential meaning

that it may be the last May…ever.

The last day of May 2015 happened to be the first time that these three Stockholm musicians played together.

They had played in other constellations before, but this started a new group: Sista Maj.

Mikael Tuominen comes from ‘Kungens Män’, a post-rock instrumental psychedelic band. In this band, he played

guitar, though he played bass, his first instrument, when he met Jonathan playing together in a composed/improvised

group led by Einar Baldursson (Gösta Berlings Saga) for a few specific concerts in Stockholm.

Andreas Axelsson plays mostly in jazz and post-jazz improv and avant-garde groups, such as Lisa Ullén’s Group.

Mikael recommended him to Jonathan for a recording session intended for a record of songs and improvisations that

Jonathan was working on.

Jonathan Segel, an American ex-pat in Stockholm, has been playing violin, guitar and keyboards with numerous

bands over the past 35 years, most notably the continuing Camper Van Beethoven as well as his own projects which

span the genre-worlds of psychedelia, improvisation, prog rock, Americana, electronica and avant-garde.

The pieces range from jazzy (Peony Spies) to electric intense (A Very Heavy Feather), from funky and weird (It Never

Ends) to hypnotic (Series of Nested Universes), jam (Like a Diamond in This Guy) to space (Bones of Steel.)

The album has an overall dark mood, another unexpected turn, but one that only adds to the heavy nature of the



ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE - Give Your Brain A Rest From The Matrix


Release date: 3rd November 2016

2LP - 180g - gatefold - poster (A2) - hand numbered

ltd. edt. 500 copies total: 200x black - 180x blue - 120x green

Side A:

1. Give Your Brain A Rest From The Matrix  (24:45)

Side B:

1. Mainstream Is The New Acid  (14:02)

2. Step Into The Other World  (9:10)

Side C:

1. Cerebral Massage Part One  (19:36)

Side D:

1. Cerebral Massage Part Two  (7:51)

2. Jam 12  (10:17) (vinyl only bonus track)

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The material for this album was created on Sunday Sept. 26th 2010 and was released on a ltd. edt. CD digipack in

September 2012. Now finally it comes out on vinyl.

This is the same studio session that 'Entering into the Space Country' and 'Phaze your Fears' LPs were recorded but

this was the last of 3 days in the studio.

Claus Bøhling returned and Johan (First Band From Outer Space) had to leave early. Four out of the five pieces of

music feature the sitar playing of KG from Siena Root.

The material on this album is of a more relaxed and psychedelic nature with some fantastic guitar playing. Dr Space 

decided on the name, which Michael, bass player in Mantric Muse and former OSC bass player came up with, based

on that here in Denmark, most people exist connected to the internet matrix nearly all the time with their "smart"

phone in their hand all the time and headphones plugged in blocking out the real world.

We hope you will enjoy this relaxing journey back or forward in time as you relax and give your brain a rest from the





Release date: 1st July 2016

LP - 180g - hand numbered - download code

ltd. edt. 600 copies: 300x black - 180x white - 120x transp.

Side A:

Floyd's Dream  (11:09)

Khaan Paan  (5:07)

2002  (3:23)

Pig In Space  (2:30)

Side B:

Øscillations In D Minor  (10:57)

Anybody Out There  (6:08)

Time Compression  (5:00)

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CD - 4-sided digisleeve - ltd. edt. 500 copies

1. Floyd's Dream  (11:09)

2. Khaan Paan  (5:07)

3. 2002  (3:23)

4. Pig In Space  (2:30)

5. ØSCillations In D Minor  (10:57)

6. Anybody Out There  (6:08)

7. Time Compression  (5:00)

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On Dec 4-6th, West, Space and Love gathered together for their first sessions together since the last one back in

October 2009.

This session was less improvised but recorded in several improvised layers with a few special guests joining in as well.

The music is much more synthesizer based with KG playing amazing 70s inspired synths and organ, as well as bass,

guitar, and sitar.

Dr Space creating spacey sounds and drones, while Love performed a spoken word, and providing all the drum and

percussion parts. The addition of Violin and Santoor really took the two Indian inspired pieces (Khan Paan,

Øscilations in D-Minor) to another level.

A fantastic instrumental, Kraut inspired ethnic musical journey!


ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE - Organic Earthly Flotation


Release date: 10th May 2016

CD - 4-sided digisleeve - ltd. edt. 500 copies

1. Walking On Clouds  (19:23)

2. Walking On Clouds Part 2  (6:17)

3. Carlos On The Moon  (16:57)

4. Neptune Rising  (5:08)

5. Untitled 38  (5:33) (bonus track)

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The material on this album was recorded at the 'Black

Tornado Studios' in Copenhagen in April 2012. It is the same

studio where all of the bands studio releases have been made.

The line up on this recording session included Mogens and Dr

Space on synthesizers as it has been on all the releases as

well as all the members of the Danish band Papir (Kristoffer -

drums, Nicklas - guitar, Christian - bass (only on Neptune

Rising). In addition, Pär from the bands Sgt. Sunshine, Carpet

Knights, Hoofoot played the bass. The line-up was completely

by American guitar player Daniel Lars.

This was his first trip ever to Denmark and playing with the Øresund Space Collective.

... The sessions were heavily guitar dominated as was the last studio session from 2010 but the level of solo intensity

was lifted up a notch as Daniel (American guitar player) and Nicklas lay down some amazing melodic, spacey and

ripping guitar on these exploratory tracks.

Besides the opening track "Walking On Clouds" (a Daniel original, which we jammed on), the rest of the tracks were

totally improvised.

This album was originally released on Vinyl in 2013. This CD contains a bonus track.


DARK SUN - Feed Your Mind


Release date: 10th May 2016

2LP - 180g - gatefold - hand numbered

ltd. edt. 500 copies total: 200x black - 300x blue

(feat. Nik Turner)

Side A:

1. Tiny the Man (9:16)

2. Feed Your Mind (4:48)

3. Black Spires (4:19)

Side B:

1. Our Man Inside (5:52)

2. Astral Magic (6:30)

3. Phantastica (1:24)

Side C:

1. Abduction Files (11:05)

2. The Next Step (10:32)

Side D  (Bonus Tracks!):

1. Time-Space Continuum (9:07)

   (from "Metazoon")

2. The Epic World of Captain Gizmo (4:30)

                                                                                        (from "Copenhagen Space Rock Festival 2002")

                                                                                     3. Electrified feat. Nik Turner (6:15)

                                                                                        (from "Copenhagen Space Rock Festival 2002")

                                           order in  Hamburg-Germany

DARK SUN were Finland’s premier Space Rock band in the 1990s.

The band recorded a number of demos, a 7” record and this one full length record in 1996, released in 1997 on cd.

The band was very inspired by Hawkwind and also recorded a live album (Ice Ritual on Burnt Hippie Recordings) with

Nik Turner. Nik has also made guest appearances on a number of other recordings with the band as well.

While the band stopped performing as a live band in 2005, they have continued to release a number of limited edition

CD-Rs and appeared on various compilations.

This is the first time that ‘Feed your Mind’ has appeared on vinyl. Side D includes some bonus material.

Enjoy this Finnish space rock classic. Amazing record.




Release date: 10th May 2016

LP - 180g - gatefold - hand numbered

ltd. edt. 500 copies total: 200x black - 200x magenta - 100x


Side A:

1. Ode To A Black Hole (25:59)

Side B:

2. Ode To A Black Hole (26:46)

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CD - 4-sided digisleeve - ltd. edt. 500 copies

1. Ode To A Black Hole  (52:05)

order in  Hamburg-Germany  or  Portugal

'Ode To A Black Hole’ is a 52min doom drone jam that was

recorded on the last day of the Different Creatures recording

session in October 2014. It features the same line up of the


This is a totally unique piece of ØSC music and they have never recorded a piece quite like it. It is very inspired by

listening to the UK band BONG, the morning before heading over to the studio.

It is a very slow evolving piece of music with synth drones, violin, pedal steel, minimal bass and slow emotional drums.

After about 40mins the piece becomes quite heavy until the spaced out end...

Recorded at the Black Tornado Studio, Copenhagen Oct 2014. Engineer Lars Lundholm. Mixed by Dr Space at the

Space Station Studios CPH, Denmark.